Save Hawai'i Film!

Hawai'i industry professionals speak about the Hawai'i state film tax credit


Save Hawai'i Film!

Hawai'i film vendors speak about the Hawai'i state film tax credit


Hawai’i’s beautiful landscape and stable climate has lured filmmakers here for decades.

This past January, a $35 Million cap was imposed on the film tax credit. Other cities that have capped their film tax incentives have seen a huge falloff of work, and we have no reason to believe Hawai‘i would be any different. Hawai’i is a remote location, we don’t need any other deterrents. We have seen some shows go elsewhere. Our biggest competitor is Australia which still enjoys an uncapped film industry.

THIS WEEK, the Hawai‘i State legislature will be conferring on Senate Bills 33 and 365 to determine whether to lift or raise the $35 Million cap. We have enjoyed a vibrant film industry, and we  encourage our lawmakers to keep the films coming by reinstating the tax credit program the way it was last year!

Hawai'i Movies

Movies Made in Hawai'i

Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park III
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Kong: Skull Island
Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Tropic Thunder
50 First Dates
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
The Rundown
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Hawai'i Five-O
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Jurassic World (2015)
King Kong
Pearl Harbor
6 Days, 7 Nights
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Magnum P.I.

These films have QUADRUPLED Hawai’i’s film revenue – we have grown from a $100 Million industry to a nearly $500 Million industry with 2018 being our biggest year yet. Film tax incentives are necessary to remain competitive as a film location.

Hawai’i’s TV and Film industry plays a starring role in the State’s creative economy.

In fact, there has been a large economic boost in movie-making growth bringing in more than $1,036,000,000 in production spend to the State.

Our small businesses across the islands also benefit, with hundreds of vendors utilized on each production. But, we can do better.

Productions receive crucial State  tax incentives…but, the competition is fierce.  Other States and countries are ratcheting up the incentives and many States are eliminating or raising annual production caps. Hawai’i can’t afford to lose out.

Film brings more local jobs. Film brings increased revenue for small businesses. Film brings good, living wages. Film brings a better future for Hawai’i. It’s time to step it up!

See The Data

Here Are Some Points to Consider

Clean & Green

We are a clean, green industry. We improve the communities we work in by fixing structures, parks and roads. Upgrades that the State doesn’t have to pay for.


We provide good-paying jobs to THOUSANDS of workers in the industry and those businesses whose workers support our industry.

Benefit to Our Economy

HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of film dollars infuse our economy for over a year before a single rebate is paid out.

Global Marketing

We benefit from BILLIONS of dollars in marketing to the State and the Visitor Industry when a film or TV series is shown around the world.

Statewide Filming

We encourage STATEWIDE FILMING by adding additional incentives for filming on the neighbor islands.


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Here are some stories we’ve had along the way!

Keeping Hawai’i Business Local

Crew Members of Hawaii's Film Industry Speak On The FILM TAX CREDIT'S Effect On Hawai'i's Economy

Positive Impact on Our Local Economy

Here's the newest video on the impact Film has on Hawai'i businesses across the State

"It's great to have the film industry here, because they buy things from us ... that helps increase our sales, and by increasing our sales, it keeps our people employed & creates new jobs."

Steven AiPresident & CEO - City Mill

"The movie industry has been really important to us."

Connie SmallsOwner & President of Plywood Hawai'i

"People have definitely told us that they come just because we're one of the most filmed locations on the planet."

John MorganPresident of Kualoa Ranch

Additional Information

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